Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    An Investigation of Knowledge Management capability success factors in small Technology based enterprises in Technology Incubators            0000-00-00
2    Factors Influencing Early Stage Performance of small firms(Science and Technology Parks Incubators small firms’ case stud            0000-00-00
3    Psychological safety            0000-00-00
4    applying QFD model to determination of manufactured product`s quality characteristics and determination of customer`s needs priorization in medical industries products    M.Sc.    ,    2009-06-20
5    Determination and evaluation of organizational factors in the development and testing model in order to achieve agility in manufacturing firms Carpet)Study: manufacturing companies in Mashhad Carpet(    M.Sc.    Mohebi Najmabad, Somayeh    2009-11-06
6    Cognizance and analysis efficiency by composition of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and Variance Inflation Factor model (VIF):    M.Sc.    nikkhah farkhani, zahra    2009-11-09
7    Measuring Relative Efficiency of General Hospitals Using Data Envelopment Analysis Approach and Examining Relationship between General Hospitals Official Evaluation Scores and Relative Efficiency (Hospitals under Supervision of MUMS)    M.Sc.    Ilbeigi, Alireza    2010-04-13
8    The impact of supply chain strategy on SCM Performance By Using balanced scorecard Model    M.Sc.    keyvanipoor, samira    2010-05-18
9    Identifying of factors affecting adoption readiness of ERP by using FUZZY AHP: the case of Municipality of Mashhad    M.Sc.    sadeghimoghaddam, masoome    2010-06-15
10    • The evaluation effect of technology management factor on productivity    M.Sc.    nejadhossein, mohammad    2010-06-26
11    Identifying factors influencing outsourcing and decision choosing by fuzzy multi attribute decision making method    M.Sc.    shamsoddini, reza    2010-06-27
12    Performance Evaluation of Battery industry at Khorasan Razavi province, using a combination of balanced scorecard model and Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process technique    M.Sc.    Fahimi, Farzad    2010-07-02
13    Application of fuzzy multiple Criteria decision making approach in evaluating and ranking the branches of Ansar bank based on customer satisfaction The case of Ansar Bank branches of Mashhad    M.Sc.    mohmoudi, moslem    2010-07-05
14    Survey of the impact customer,s perception of the marketing mix on brand equity Using customer characteristics \\\\\\\"case study: Razavi products hypermarkets in city of Mashhad\\\\\\\"    M.Sc.    Hosseini Robat, Seyedeh Mansoureh    2010-07-20
15    Application of AHP technique in selecting appropriate RFID system in Supply Chain Management, case of Mashin sazi Arak    M.Sc.    ,    2010-09-18
16    Proposing and Investigating a model for Organizational Intelligence in Iranian Universities (Ferdowsi University of Mashhad case study)    Ph.D    Malekzadeh, Gholam Reza    2011-07-27
17    Exploration and explanation the configurations of intellectual capital and competetive priorities of production strategy and treir relations    Ph.D    manzarihesar, mahdi    2012-03-05
18    Evaluating and ranking suitable scenarios to improve the performance of emergency ward using simulation and AHP- PROMETHEE techniques    M.Sc.    Sibeveih, Ali    2012-05-31
19    Identification and prioritization of bottlenecks to improve rail maintenance Depot (Case Study: Mashhad Urban Railway Depot))    M.Sc.    Nejati, Abolfazl    2012-06-19
20    The impact of critical success factor of TQM on organizational performance through operational performance (case study: SME’s in the industrial town of Tus Vuf    M.Sc.    abavi torghabeh, sedigheh    2012-06-26
21    Mediating Role of Organizational Structure and Knowledge Management in Relationship between Environmental Uncertainty and Innovation    M.Sc.    hasani, abdollah    2012-07-02
22    A framework for assessing and developing innovation capability through system dynamics approach    M.Sc.    bachari salehi, mohammad hasan    2012-07-03
23    The Effect of Total Quality Management (TQM) and Market Orientation on Performance    M.Sc.    sadeghi toroghi, meissam    2012-07-04
24    Using hybrid AHP and Mont Carlo simulation method for locating Bank branches(A case study in Pasargad bank)    M.Sc.    lotfalipour, zeinab    2012-10-02
25    Impact of TQM and organizational learning on innovation performance    M.Sc.    kheirabadi, omid    2012-10-16
26    Refining Kano model by incorporating adding customer’s perceived value factor.    M.Sc.    Nozari Aval, Yavar    2012-10-23
27    The Mediating Role of Market Orientation and Intrapreneurship Behavior in Relationship between Business Strategy and Organizational Performance Of Medium and Large Industries In Mashhad.    M.Sc.    Hosseini Moghadam Ghouchan Kohneh, Seyed Mohammad Reza    2012-12-08
28    Developing an integrated model to improve the performance of Kansie engineering by factor analysis, group technology and analytic network process    M.Sc.    Taghikhah, Firoozeh    2013-01-08
29    The Prioritization and selection of service providers for outsourcing of maintenance activities of FUM by FAHP    M.Sc.    Mashhadi Farahani, Mohammad Amin    2013-01-14
30    Investigating relationship between Psychological Empowerment (Meaning, Competence, Choice, Impact) and Employment job Satisfaction (Case Study: Zone 4 Co-op and gas transfer)    M.Sc.    sehati, suzaneh    2013-01-22
31    Evaluating and selection of the most appropriate logistics service provider using an integrated QFD and fuzzy AHP and TOPSIS method. Case study : Pooya Gostar company    M.Sc.    roohbakhsh, amir    2013-02-05
32    The Effect of Privatization on Firm Effciency Using Data Envelopment Analysis (Case Study Mashhad Telecom )    M.Sc.    Kazemi, Mahsa    2013-02-19
33    Evaluation and Carrier Selection using a combination of Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process and Fuzzy Mathematical Programming    M.Sc.    dehghan zibad, mahboobeh    2013-02-20
34    Impact of perceivedvalue, services quality, corporate image on customer loyalty in mellat bank branches in mashhad city    M.Sc.    BAGHERI GHALE JUGHI, SEDIGHE    2013-03-03
35    Evaluation of Relationship between...            2013-03-05
36    Assessing Impacts of Environmental Attributes and Moderating Role of Board of Directors\\\\\\\' Characteristics on Strategic Decision Making    M.Sc.    abolfathi, amir ardalan    2013-03-05
37    Selection and prioriztiing of maintenance strategies using Interval AHP & Linear Programming (A case study: TOOS CHINI Factory)    M.Sc.    Moghaddass, Mahsa    2013-03-05
38    The evaluation and ranking of customer requirements and determining the technical characteristics of products using the combination of Kano model and QFD(Case study: Toos porcelain corporation of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Hajitabar, Jaber    2013-03-16
39    Agility evaluation on constructing of south pars gas refineries using fuzzy DEA    M.Sc.    Khalesi Benhangi, Samira    2013-04-16
40    Application of Multi-Objective Decision making Model for Optimization the Time-Cost-Quality by Considering Environment Factor in Urban projects with Fuzzy Approach (Study Case: Project of Regenerating the Isfahan’s Imam Ali (AS) Square)    M.Sc.    Chitsazzadeh, Mohammad Ali    2013-04-16
41    Investigating the Critical Success Factors of Information Technology Management; the case of IT and software enterprises in Mashhad    M.Sc.    eskandari, sadegh    2013-05-05
42    Exploring nurses ethical behavior model and investigation the impact of human resource management practice on it within public health sector in Mashhad    Ph.D    nikkhah farkhani, zahra    2013-06-14
43    Presenting a model for controling human consequences of merger of institute for advanced education and research of management and planniing    Ph.D    pourbabaei, zohre    2013-06-23
44    The effect of emotion on the willingness of employees to be entrepreneurial managers Travel Agents in Mashad Considering the role of moderator of these confidence    M.Sc.    Shahamati Zibadi, Hamid    2013-11-04
45    The effect of codification and personalization knowledge management strategies ,and innovation on theorganizational performance (Thecase of Kavian petrochemical company)    M.Sc.    GHORBANZADEH, AHMAD    2013-12-29
46    BANK    M.Sc.    mirmoeini, hossein    2014-01-30
47    The effect on the success of risk management in the construction industry in Mashhad    M.Sc.    AHMADIAN, BEHZAD    2014-03-04
48    Evaluation and selection of suppliers, through the integration fuzzy hierarchical analysis (FAHP) ، quality function deployment (QFD) and VIKOR ( Case Study: Aida ceram factory)    M.Sc.    mahmudi, kolsum    2014-04-29
49    Investigating the relationship between the quality of work life and the performance of Mashhad Bus organization staff    M.Sc.    Karimouee, Hamidreza    2014-07-08
50    Optimizing Cost – Time – Quality trade-off in Construction project management under influence of material and labor selection    M.Sc.    alikhanzadeh, vahid    2014-09-15
51    Efficiency Evaluation with Introduction of an integrated model of Data Envelopment Analysis and Artificial Neural Network (A Case Study: Branches of Maskan Bank of Khorasan Razavi)    M.Sc.    Mortezazadeh Jaghargh, Maryam    2014-11-11
52    Assessment and Prioritization of Existing Challenges and Opportunities in the Export of Technical and Engineering Services in Construction Industry    M.Sc.    AZIZI, ELAHEH    2015-01-20
53    Examining communication skills effect on efficiency of selling agencies (the case of: LG home appliance agencies)    M.Sc.    monazam ebrahimpour, shila    2015-01-27
54    Conceptual modeling of medical tourism expansion from the perspective of phisicians by using the Content analysis and decision making trial and evaluation laboratory in Mashhad city    M.Sc.    esfandiari ghale zou, maryam    2015-03-03
55    Designing an integrated model of the target assignment to headquarters in Naval Combat Management by Targets Classification    Ph.D    okhravi, Amirhosein    2015-03-11
56    Resource allocation to strategies of quality management with FANP and Goal programming approach    M.Sc.    Rezaee, Elham    2015-04-14
57    Implementing of statistical process chart of defects for controling fuzzy attribute in imen khodro shargh company    M.Sc.    fadaei, somayeh    2015-04-14
58    Exploring Content of Nurses’ Emotional Labour Dimensions and Investigating the Impact of Human Resource Management Practices on it in Mashhad’s Public Hospitals    Ph.D    Hosseini Robat, Seyedeh Mansoureh    2015-08-16
59    External measurement of formal education and evaluation of its effects on growth of Iran economy 1354_1392 years    Ph.D    ghafoori, mandana    2015-09-21
60    Designing an Integrated System to Predict the Success of New Product Development and Selecting the Product - Market Strategy by Using Artificial Intelligence Methods    Ph.D    soltani fesaghandis, gholamreza    2015-10-06
61    ( Evaluation of the leagile on chinese industry(case study Maghsoud Factories Group)    M.Sc.    rajei palakoei, elmira    2015-10-27
62    Designing an Interactive Model for Practices of Green Supply Chain Management and applying it in Grouping for Analyzing Green Performance    Ph.D    ghorbanpour, ahmad    2015-11-22
63    Designing and solving Multi-objective model scheduling multitasking machines in flexible manufacturing cell    Ph.D    Esfandiar, mohammad    2015-12-23
64    Exploring and explaining the barriers to retention of human resources of Iranian top universities using Q-methodology    Ph.D    Azimi, Ali    2016-03-09
65    Presenting a Conceptual Model of Effective Factors in Establishing Knowledge Management in Project-based Organizations (Case Study: Fulmen Company)    M.Sc.    Saeedi, Najmeh    2016-04-12
66    Designing the model of Customer Knowledge Management based on multi-agent approach in Iranian Banks    Ph.D    farmani, feryal    2016-06-12
67    Presenting a Weighted Aggregate Production Planning Model by Applying Data Envelopment Analysis and Goal Programming Methods    M.Sc.    Naji, Seyed Ali    2016-06-28
68    QSPM MATRIX    M.Sc.    Torkamani, Kimiya    2016-09-13
69    Comparative study of different age groups based on characteristics of fuzzy Kano model in the mobile phone market (case study: Samsung)    M.Sc.    hoorzad, soroor    2016-09-13
70    Product plot optimization using integrated fuzzy analytic hierarchy process and zero-one integer programming    M.Sc.    bafandegan emroozi, vahide    2016-09-13
71    Developing the maximum-capture model with considering cost in fuzzy environment    Ph.D    ALIMIAGHDAEI, AMIR    2016-09-25
72    Reducing the Operational Risks of Production Process and Economic Environmental Risks in Supply Chain of Perishable Products Applying System Dynamic Modelling    Ph.D    Shooshtarian, zakieh    2016-10-04
73    Designing of the Relation between the Factors Affecting the Competitiveness of Small and Medium Industries for Competitiveness Species    Ph.D    Khakpour, Alireza    2016-10-25
74    Identifying Risks of Construction Projects Using the Content Analysis Method, Assessing and Prioritizing them with Fuzzy Topsis Technique (Case Study: YAS Commercial Tower, Mashhad)    M.Sc.    akbarzade miri, sina    2016-12-20
75    Designing the behavioral model of employees internet use in public sector, Using grounded theory    Ph.D    ho, mohamad hosin    2017-01-17
76    Designing the Conceptual Model of Relationship between the Elements of Supply Chain Agility using Fuzzy Interpretive Structural Modeling (FISM) and Prioritizing the Elements of Agility by applying Fuzzy Analytic Network Process (FANP)    M.Sc.    shalchian, ahmad    2017-05-02
77    Optimaizing the time-cost-quality and risk in manufacturing product project (A case study : Screen Filter production project at Arina water and industry company)    M.Sc.    farazmand, hadis    2017-06-20
78    Optimization of Biomass Cultivation Capacity and Facility Location in the Supply Chain of Liquid Biofuels    Ph.D    kheybari, siamak    2017-06-20
79    Designing a Model for Development of Internet of Things Technology: As an Enabler for Sustainable Development    Ph.D    Ghaffari, Kimia    2017-07-01
80    An Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach for Equipment Replacement problem using Model Predictive Control    Ph.D    Sadeghpour, Hossein    2017-09-12
81    Exploring the Elements of Corporate Entrepreneurship and Investigating its Relationship with Performance of Social Security Organization Subsidiary and Affiliate Companie    Ph.D    takroosta, hossein    2017-10-22
82    Organisational strategy selection and pioritizing with Freeman model and using Fuzzy AHP technique    M.Sc.    Chitsazzadeh, Amir Hosain    2017-11-07
83    Classification of Emotional Elements in Consumer Purchase Intention (Case Study: Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Students)    M.Sc.    sadeghi, seddigheh    2017-11-09
84    A model to predict small and medium food industry enterprises growth based on combination of artificial intelligence and metaheuristic    Ph.D    Ebrahimkhani, Hamed    2017-12-12
85    Designing Dynamic Model of the Influences of Just-in-Time, Total Quality Management and Total Productive Maintenance on the Environmental Impacts in the production system.    Ph.D    Feili, Ardalan    2018-01-23
86    An Extension to Fuzzy Dynamic Location model in Public Service Centers (case study: The Counter Offices of Civil Registration in Mashhad)    Ph.D    Fazel, Davood    2018-02-27
87    A Fuzzy Inference System for Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Risk    M.Sc.    dolatkhahi, katayoun    2018-03-04
88    Identifying And Pioritizing The Criteria Which Are Employed To Choose Applicant Companies In Incubator Centers And Assessing Selected Companies (Case Of Study: Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Dehnavi, Samaneh    2018-03-04
89    Developing Equilibrium Model for the Evolutionary Information Dissemination in a Social Network Using the Game Theory Approach    Ph.D    hesari, mohammad reza    2018-04-17
90    Using data envelopment analysis to prune defeated fuzzy rules    M.Sc.    nabavi targhi, seyed hosein    2018-05-01
91    Presentation of the 3PL Implementation Framework with Empowerment Approach Of Third-Party Logistics Provider Companies    Ph.D    Aliei, Maryam    2018-05-13